Hi, I am Morelia.

The person behind the vision

I began my photography journey with film photography in 2011. I became fascinated in being able to view the world through another lens. Gazing through life not having the "perfect" 20/20 vision, but with the camera I understood clarity in the world with a new perspective.

I then transitioned to the digital realm in 2013 and I believe that film gave me the knowledge and foundation to manually expose a photo as equally as real life itself.

I fell in love with portrait photography as with people I can convey many stories and I'm able to express their mood and portray their essence in a photo. I believe the "Eyes are the windows to the soul" in portraiture. I then use body language, angles, and light to convey emotion. One of my favorite feelings is when one of my subjects views an image of themselves and never realized their own unique beauty until that moment.


As of 2019 I began Finding Light Photography with a goal to integrate my creative and detailed vision in my photography to share with the world. 

To this day I am motivated to "Find your light" through my eyes using my camera as a tool to connect with humans in ways I believe language cannot, but with images I can.

When working with clients I enjoy the creative consultation process: brainstorming, discussing, sharing ideas and having fun! During a session I am pretty relaxed and open to ideas as I like to make my clients feel comfortable in their surroundings. I usually like to ask questions to get to know you better to expand my ideas and in which direction our session will take place to capture your essence.

I am big on human connection and making each session with my clients meaningful.

Recently beginning my journey into videography I am stirred to tell stories through movement.

Fun Facts

Favorite Drink- Matcha latte with coconut milk is my fav.

Favorite Food- I'm a health nut, but I love tacos & sushi.

Hobbies- Yoga, Singing, Rock Climbing, Drawing/Painting, Art, Hiking, Travelling.

Astrology- Cancer Sun (Nurturing) Gemini Moon (Witty) Virgo Rising (Detailed)

Favorite Color- Periwinkle Myer Briggs- INFJ Human Design- Manifesting Generator

How people would describe you- Calm, wise, creative, artsy, caring, and secretly funny.

If there was something you wish you could learn what would it be?

I would like to learn how to dance! Lyrical, Contemporary, and Latin.

Also meet Apollo, my sweet boy and best photo critic ;)